Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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Polished by KPT Luminaries with some leadlighting

People, my life is very busy. I work full time, I'm a mum of two young kids, I love nail polish and nail art and I'm a blogger.  There really just isn't time to do it all, especially it to do it all well.  

I just went to write up a blog post today and I looked in my photo drafts and I only have one mani in there. I then looked at my drafts in blogger and there are two in there.  This is a all time low of drafts and manis waiting to be published for me and it means the gaps between blog posts are going to get longer.  I've even worn the same mani on my nails since I painted them on Sunday night (but I've gotta say, my nails are still looking damn fine with no chips!)

I was reading blog post by Debhoorah (formally know as the nail blogger the Crumpet) the other day and there was a line in there that really hit home to me - "Need more time? Stop blogging" Ouch, but so true.  No I'm not ready to do that. I do enjoy sharing my manis too much and keeping this record on the interwebs forever of all the time I'm wasted doing my nails.  

There is also light at the end of the tunnel.  I have another massive project due at work on 20 March. My whole section is busting their arses to get it done on time, we are working weekends and public holidays but we are so close now.  After that I see me getting back to where I was before.  Painting my nails more regularly and building up a bank of posts again. 

In the mean time, here is one of those drafts from blogger that I did back in December.  Polished by KPT Luminaries looks so much prettier in real life, as it has a strong iridescent purple shimmer.  It would look amazing over black, but instead I layered about 4 coats of a nude base to try and make it opaque.  It sort of worked, but wasn't as pretty as the bottle was.

I then did some stamping and lead lighting using the Dance Legend Aquarelle top coats.  Problem was that I was rushing to finish it and put top coat on too quickly, when the Aquarelle wasn't dry, therefore the green bleed into the purple.  Meh, a bit of a fail in that regard.


  1. I just want to say that I, for one, am really glad you still blog with any regularity at all. More Nail Polish is one of only three nail art blogs that I've been following since when I started my own blog that is still around. Everyone else has vanished into the larger world (or posts twice a year). So, thank you!

  2. This is pretty <3. What's really funny is I just did a very similar nail art to this one a few days ago! About blogging - been there many many times. Sometimes the blog just has to give. I have tons of draft posts in my blog, but do I have the pictures or film edited to go with them? Nope. I'm a full time student and I work and do research on the side plus I have a chronic illness that flairs intermittently making feel like death. Things get hectic and those times my blog just drops off a bit or sometimes for long periods. I think its understandable and I remember when Deborah stopped blogging regularly on the Crumpet and it was really a bummer, but I understood. I think we do the best we can but also when the things we love start to feel like work its okay to take a step back. I adore your blog and your creativity, but I am also completely empathetic to the fact that we all have a life outside of our nails. Thanks for sticking with it hun and hang in there!

  3. I love your blog and can totally understand all too well how life gets in the way of hobbies we're passionate about. You inspire me and even if it's less frequent I always look forward to your blogs. I have screenshots from your blogs saved on my phone under its own category of "nails". At whatever pace you need... Keep up the awesome nail work and greetings from los angeles!!

  4. Don't worry, take your time! We'll all be patiently waiting for your next posts.

  5. I wish there was a "like" button for these comments :) They all say what I think too.

  6. Me too. When a hobby feels too much like "work" and takes time from family, something has to give. We support you- and will look forward to reading when you have time. Hugs from Pennsylvania.


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