Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Footy Fever - Canberra Raiders nail art

The football season has just started in the USA, but here in Australia it's finals time.  This week I have some NRL nails for you, specifically Canberra Raiders nails.  The Raiders won last week, in week one of the finals. Tonight they play an elimination semi-final, which they are not favourites to win.  But there's nothing like a bit of supporter nail art to bring the team home, right!

For such a basic nail design, this took me bloody ages to do.  I kept bumping and smudging nails (as evidenced with my pinky nail). I tried to do it neatly with tape, but was too impatient to get it finished, so the tape started pulling off the polish beneath.  I therefore had to touch up with a nail art bush, and promptly made are rather shitty mess of it.

Putting my nail art skills aside, I really did love the colours I picked for this mani.  I did a white base with Ulta3 Lily White, the blue is Picture Polish bombshell, the yellow is Picture Polish crazy and the perfect lime green is Picture Polish lime lite.

I got lots of compliments on these nails, and from a regular distance, they looked pretty eye catching, but these damn macro shots for the blog are a killer.

I created a water decal with the team logo on it, and I'm really happy with how it came out.

Here are the team jerseys which I based my nail design on.

Now an extra special awkward sharing moment.  Here is something that not too many people know about me.  In the early 1990's I was a Canberra Raiders Raiderette cheerleader.  Surprisingly I have basically zero photos of me as a Raiderette.  It was a time before digital cameras (yeah, I'm that old!) and while I know I did have some photos that were printed, after nearly 20 years I have no clue where they could be.

The only photo that I have is one that was published in the NRLs Rugby League Weekly magazine in 1993.  I'm the one in the middle.

Bwahhh haa haa, that was fun. GO RAIDERS!

Edit: so they sucked and lost - BOOOOOOO


  1. You look very cute in the picture!)
    How did you make your own water decal?

    1. I bought some water decal paper off ebay. You just print your own designs on it, then put a layer of clear polish over the top to seal the ink, then cut it out and apply as a normal water decal. The opportunities are endless. You just need to remember that you can't print white ink, so you will need to put them on a light polish colour.

    2. thank you! need to try that)

  2. awesome cheerleader nails - I just read the edit...shame they lost

  3. Very cool nails and sorry to hear they lost!! I wonder what I was doing 20 years ago?? Love the cheer leader photos :)

  4. FANTASTIC nails!! They should have won just based on them!!!

  5. Great mani! And hello there Miss Thang! :D

  6. Hehe! You've kept that one quiet! If they were my pins I'd be showing everyone!!!

  7. I'm very impatient when doing tape lines manis, I always ruin the polish underneath. I think yours turned out great. Did you do your nails to match when you were a Raiderette too?

  8. Your cutie pie little girl looks so much like you!


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