Monday, February 14, 2011

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Go Crazy franken

I'm so happy with my latest franken.  I have decided to call it Go Crazy.  Like with most glitter polishes, I found it really hard to capture in the photos, but here it is.

So what is it?  An almost full bottle of Ulta3 clear polish with about half a teaspoon of each of the 12 glitter powders I have.  This included the following glitters, red, green, light blue, dark blue, gold, silver, light pink, hot pink, purple, black, holographic and orange.  I was surprised by the brownish finish to this.

Here is a blurry picture as it best shows all the reflective colours in this polish.
And an up close of all that glitter.

And one in the shade.

Because of all the glitter in this, the polish was a little bit gloopy and thick. But the up side of that is that it was almost opaque in one coat.  Of course I did two just to make sure of the coverage.  Down side with this much glitter is that its a bitch to remove.


  1. This is gorgeous! I agree it's tough to remove.

  2. Fun! (And you know about the foil method, right? I fear no glitter now that I've learned about that.)

  3. Ooh it looks like Color Club Magic Attraction!

  4. I am not a fan of glitters BUT this looks awesome! I agree with Cheryl, it reminds me of Magic Attraction. It is one of the few glitters for which I set my hatred aside to wear because I LOVE it sooooo much.

  5. Thanks ladies. I have read about the foil method to remove polish, but I think I'm a bit impatient and dont wait long enough to before removing the foil and cotton swab.

    I just googled Magic Attraction to see if they are the same. From what I have read, magic attraction is holo glitter, this one differs because its every colour glitter, and has a very brown finish, rather than silver.


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