Monday, February 21, 2011

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Orly Cosmic FX Collection - It's not rocket science

I finally got my paws of the Orly Cosmic FX Collection and I and truly in love with it. But of course in every collection there are favourites.  So I'm going to do a count down of the collection from my least favourite to my favourite.

My least favourite out of the six polishes is It's not rocket science.  A warm toned, murky yellow green, sheer base, with yellow/gold sparkly flecks through it.

I can't believe how different this polish looks on me compared to other swatches I've seen.  And these photos are pretty accurate as to how it looked on me.  This was two coats taken in full sun, but I feel I should have done three, because on the ring and pinky I can see a nail line in these photos.

He is a real up close pic and you can see the tiny gold flecks that make up this polish.   Despite the flecks, all these polishes are totally smooth.

Formula was great and I love these large bottles with grippy handles.

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  1. Where did you buy these? In Australia? I've spoken to an Orly representative and Cosmix FX (released 2010..?) and the new Glam FX aren't released in aus yet!? WTF? LOL we are so behind in everything!


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