Friday, February 25, 2011

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Orly Cosmic FX Collection - Space Cadet

WTF I hear you say, are you serious, Space Cadet is only your second favourite polish in this collection?
Well, yeah.  I seriously love this polish, in fact I'm wearing it again right now. Last night I wanted to make sure I was happy to put this is second place so I put on a full mani of it again.  But I'm sure, I'm a sucker for blue polish and I just love Lunar Eclipse more.

This polish is a bright and foily multi chrome polish. My photos of this polish make it look more bronze than it does in real life.  On me, I see much more purple and pink tones.  But there is orange and gold and blue as well. 

Here is the up close shot.

If you don't own this polish then you MUST get it. I can see this becoming hard to find in the not too distant future.  Everyone is raving about it on their blogs, and deservedly so, it is truly unique, there is no other polish like it.

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