Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Magnetic polishes - Purple and Rust Red

Here I have two more of my new magnetic polishes from Nail Art and More.  This one is called Purple and its super pretty.  The bottle colour is the same as the pale colour on the nail, then when you use the magnet it brings our the darker purple colour.

These polishes have the most beautiful colours in them.  This one has a blue, pink and purple shimmer which can be seen the pic below.

My application of the magnets is getting much better too.

Here is Rust Red. Again the bottle colour is closer to the pale colour on the nail, then with the magnet the darker rust colour lifts out.

I think I prefer the lines magnet to the star one, maybe because its a little more forgiving with bad alignment. 

If you don't get the star magnet lined up correctly on the nail it looks pretty shoddy.

As promised, here are the magnets and the positioning tool.

The base of the positioning tool has a little target on it so you know where to put your finger. 

You then tread the magnet design you want to use onto the fork and position it at the right height for your nail.  I then paint my nail while its still on the target and immediately place the fork, with the magnet, over my finger and hold for 10 seconds.

There you have it.  I'm now just waiting for my Green polish that was missing to turn up, and then to go shopping on their site again, as they have told me there will be seven new colours on their site in the next couple of weeks.


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