Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Chi Chi - Punk Off

I am going through my pics and posting swatches that I did sometime last year.

This was a new polish brand for me, Chi Chi.  I bought this from Target and they have an ok range of colours.  I old bought this one because it was a colour I didn't have.  It's called Punk Off. 

This was three coats, with no top coat.  The formula was good, but a little too sheer.  You can see a slight nail line after three coats.  I was hoping to be able to konad with this, but it's just too sheer for it to work.  Would be a nice base coat though. I still love the colour!


  1. Great colour and swatch, I have some Chi Chi polishes from around 5 years ago and I've never know why I haven't bought more as back then the colours were quite unique and the formula was perfect.

  2. I like the colour. How durable is the polish?

  3. I love teals like this one!

  4. Thanks gals - from what I recall the wear of this polish was solid. It didn't chip, just wore back from the tips after a few days. I love teals like this too. Perfect for when I can decide whether to wear blue or green.


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