Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Neon marbling

Here is my first ever attempt at doing marbled nail design. And when I say that I mean, the first attempt that I am willing to post here.

Holy crap this is difficult to do.  I have watched marbling videos from My Simple Little Pleasures a zillion times, and she makes it look so easy to do.

My main problem was that I wasn't using filtered or bottled water.  Tap water just made the polish all clump up when I tried to run the orange stick through it.  The other thing is that this takes AGES to do.  I'm so slow at doing it.  With the whole taping up your nails thing and the dropping the polish in the water, then dragging through the water, then clean up.. etc etc.  I'm not sure that I'm patient enough to do this very often

I did this marble look using my el cheapo Ulta3 polishes.  I used Lily white as the base then drops of Citrus, Tahiti, Spring Shower, Jelly and Fruit Tingle to create the marble look.


  1. I love this Marble! the colors used are so pretty.

  2. It's so summery! Unlike the current weather here in Sydney though :P.

  3. it is time consuming, but yours came out so lovely!

  4. Even though it took a few tries,
    the end result is sweet.
    It reminds me of fruit smoothies
    and days at the beach. Very fun.


  5. These colors are awesome together! Marbling is a pain but I think the result is always worth it.

  6. Thanks everyone - I really struggled to choose what colours to do, I'm glad you like them. I was trying to do something summery, because the weather here - after a week of 35 degrees+ is now in the low 20's - with a lot of cloud. Its starting to feel like summer is over already. It also makes it hard to take good pictures without the sun.


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