Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Ulta3 Lemon, Grape and Rasberry Pop Frankenpolishes

Here are three frankens that I again made up ages go and never posted about.
All three used Ulta3 clear polish as the starting polish, to which I added about a teaspoon of each of these pigments. 

Again I got the pigments from TBK Trading and bought the "pop sampler" pack, which gave me about 7 different 'pop' colours to try. 

First up, Lemon Drop Pop

And on the nail it has a shimmery, smooth finish.  No streaks and pretty good coverage for a yellow polish.  I think this was three coats.

Grape Pop.
Again it had a really good shimmer to it, which isn't really captured in these photos as it was a overcast day.  No streaks and it wasn't frosty, although this one was sheerer on the nail.

Raspberry Pop

Probably my least favourite of the three, its a bit too much of a sugary pink for my liking.  The finish on this was also a bit more frosty, although it wasn't streaky. 

I was really happy with these polishes, but they do settle in the bottle, which means you have to shake the crap out of the bottle (which each have two balls in them) for about 10 minutes to get the colour all mixed up again. 


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