Thursday, October 2, 2014

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31DC2014 Recap

Congratulations to everyone who made it through the entire 31 Day challenge. I've not had time to check out everyone's manis from the last 31 days, but do I plan on doing so over this long weekend.

Something I did last year was a bit of a summary of my posts and a quick look at some stats around which were my most popular posts.

On Instagram, my most liked photo from the 31 Day challenge was of my Day 18 half moon nails with the skittle holo gradient! I was pretty excited to be asked by Nail It magazine to send them a step by step tutorial, so stay tuned for that. My most commented post on instragram was my Day 23 Movie nails of Toothless. YAY for Toothless.

On my blog, my most visited blog post for the challenge was my Day 7 Black and White Optical Illusion nails, they also got the most comments. Funny how such a quick and simple stamped mani was the most popular on my blog
My least visited mani on my blog and least liked mani on Instragram were my Day 1 Red Nails. No surprises there, they were a bit of a half arsed, last minute, "my original idea didn't work so I better pull something else together" kind of mani.

Here is a recap of my all manis. I'd love to know which one you liked best and which was the most popular nail design you created on your blog or IG?

31 Day Challenge 2013


  1. I enjoyed each and every one. Thank you it was fun and inspirational. Have fun on the weekend checking out everyones manis. I know I have enjoyed it.

  2. So amazing! I applaud everyone who does this challenge! What a commitment!

  3. All of your water marble manis were amazing! My favorite was the blue gradient water marble. Just gorgeous. My most popular, and probably my favorite, was my Mermaid Scales Glitter Placement.

  4. Its very difficult to pick one favorite mani as all your nail arts are amazing.

  5. Half Moons and Toothless were so amazing! Can't wait to see your tutorial on Nail IT Mag!


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