Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Watermarble Mummies

From now up to Halloween, I've got a few spooky (and not so spooky) nail designs to show you.

Now I actually did these water marble mummies more than a month ago, as I was invited my to do up some Halloween nail designs for their blog. I used a range of nude colours from the Face of Australia Screen Sirens collection, as well as Ulta3 Cocoa. They all marbled well, although the Ulta3 polish needed a bit of thinner so it would spread better.

Not much more to say about these, except that I did actually film a full tutorial and put it on you tube.
(Yes, I have a you tube channel. No I don't do videos very often)


  1. These came out lovely, well done! I'd love to watermarble more, but honestly I don't have the patience to figure out which polishes work well together. I just pick my colors, drop them on the water only to find out they do not spread well or melt together once I draw a pattern - so I give up quickly.

  2. Nevermind just saw the tutorial at the end of the post! Awesome!!!

  3. This is just too cute! Love it :-)

  4. Very cute! I did water marble mummies this year too! :)


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