Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Ghostly temporary tattoo Halloween nail art

Two years ago I participated in a really fun Halloween nail art challenge.  Back then I hadn't yet attempted the 31 Day challenge the month prior, so I was chomping at the bit to do some nail art, and having a theme to work to every couple of days was so fun.  I really must try do a Halloween nail art challenge again next year.

One of the nail designs I did back in 2012 was some ghostly temporary tattoos over a holographic polish.  I really loved the look, but my application left little to be desired, my nails were wonky from a few breaks and the tips looked really worn.  This left me wanting to do the design again, and do a much better job at it.  I'm pleased to say that I achieved that!

Here is my 2014 version of the Ghostly temporary tattoo nail design.  I love how to most people these just look like an abstract swirly design, almost a watermarble.  It's only when you take a closer look that you see the different ghostly shapes across my nails.

If you scroll down below you will find a full length video of how I created this look using the temporary tattoo paper.

If you are interesting in checking out some other Halloween nail art designs, jump over to the boohoo.com blog.  So far they have two Halloween themed nail art blog posts:


  1. I absolutely love this!
    What a great way to get ghosts on your nails :D

  2. Sooo pretty and you make it look easy! Must try this �� thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow these look awesome, seriously :-D

  4. This looks crazy amazing!! The best ghost nails of the year for sure :D

  5. These look freaking amazing! I love how the ghosts look translucent!


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