Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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31DC2014 Honor Nails You Love

Yay we did!  We made it to the end of the challenge.

Today is Honor Nails You Love day.  This prompt is so easy, yet so hard.  I have so many manicures that I have snapshot-ed on my ipad because of their total awesomeness, so finding inspiration was easy.  Settling on just one to recreate is so hard!

In the end I went with a mani that I loved because a) it was gold and just felt like a 'me' mani and b) it was something that I had tried before and failed!  This is a white and gold mani featuring stamping with foils!

The nails I'm loving are by Eleonora over at Nail Art Stamping Mania.  I used the same stamping image from QA65 from the Born Pretty Store. I didn't have the other image she used on the middle two nails, so I just used a different stamp, but still placed Swarovski crystals in the centre.

I followed her video tutorial on how to stamp with the foils, and whilst it was a little tricky I was able to get a result I was very happy with.  The only down side is that the stamping image is a little small for my thumb, so I didn't get full coverage with the foil stamping.

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  1. This is simply beautiful! I love it.

  2. Your foil nails are sublime! I really love what you did, and through your blog I found another great blogger, the one you got your inspiration from - thank you.

  3. Gorgeous nails! I always look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next on your blog.

  4. Oh wow, stamping with foils! Such a cool idea!

  5. I've never even SEEN this method! Incredible!

  6. What polish did you use to stamp under the foils?

    1. I used Mundo de Unas, by Nail Art Stamping Mania did it with Konad polish.

  7. This looks really amazing! Love it :-D

  8. Thanks a lot for credits! I'm honored of being of inspiration to you! :)


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