Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Vampy: Day 4 Matte Kryptonite

I actually had another red mani ready to post today, but I decided that it wasn't really that great and I was a bit over seeing red and black for another post this week, especially as tomorrow I have one last red and black look.  I decided to move completely away from red and pulled out my kryptonite. Again it feels like ages since I last wore this too. 

This time I decided to wear it matte, because I've never worn Kryptonite matte before.  I love how smooth and velvety it looks with the matte top coat.

There isn't too much nail art on this one, just some Swarovski crystals and a little bit of free hand lace. But something I've really noticed with the other Vampie manis this week is that often simple is best when it comes to this theme.


  1. Kryptonite mattified!!! WOW! I love your intricate lace hand drawn element! It gives it a little something extra! <3

  2. Kryptonite looks amazing mattified!! I'll have to pull my bottle out soon and do this! Gorgeous mani <3

  3. Love the green polish! Plus the name is fun! :)

  4. Tipically I am not fond of this shade of green but this polish is just stunning!

  5. I loooove this! That matted green is perfection!

  6. Ohh, that green is gorgeous!! I love the lace details!


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