Monday, October 3, 2016

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40 Great nail art ideas recap

Today I have a round up of the 40 Great nail art ideas challenge that has been running for the last year. Just like yesterday's post, here are a few insights into my most popular and least popular designs over the year.

On Instagram, my most liked manicure was the music prompt with the french mani with the music stamped on the tips.  I'm so surprised by this!  The mani that received the most comments on instagram was the design I did for the 'your job' where I created CSS and HTML water decals.

On my blog, my most visited blog post for the challenge was the Summer theme where I created the water, sand and shells design, closely followed by my Start Trek nails for Geeks week. The most commented design was actually the first prompt, but probably because it was the first of the challenge.

My least visited mani on my blog was the the Honor the nails you love, but just like with my least visted post for the 31 Day Challenge that could also be just because I only posted them a few days ago. There were a bunch of mani's that all tied for the least commented blog post, with only one post, so I wont bother listing them all off.

My least liked mani on Instagram was the Halloween design with the gradient.  I'm not surprised by that one, as it's probably one of my least favourite design from the whole challenge. The least commented design on Instagram was the Beetle fashion combined post which received only one single comment.

We will be starting up another challenge through the same facebook group, but it wont be an intense as this one was.  Only two manicures a month, one a technique and colour prompt and the second a theme.  Any nail bloggers or instagramers are welcome to join in, so let me know by email or via instagram or however, if you would like to participate and I'll invite you to the facebook group.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - 52 Week Challenge


  1. So many great manicures! My favourites are your teal nails, the three shades of purple/Mardi Gras look, the red roses are stunning, the sunflower look and the summer/beach nails. And a lot of the others too :)

  2. You are clearly the queen of nail art!


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