Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Holo laser foil

Its been ages since I showed you something I got from the Born Pretty Store, and today's one is pretty fun, even though it doesn't quite look like what I was expecting.

I grabbed some of the 99cent, "1 Sheet Laser Nail Art Sticker Creative Pattern Mysterious Starry Sky Decals" OMG don't you just love the BPS titles for some of these things.

Anyway, what arrived was a small plastic jar with a long length of holo nail foil.  The foil is in a swirly pattern with the negative areas transparent.  It was blindingly holo, but I was eventually able to tell that the base colour to the foil is actually white.  So in low light situations these can look a bit like white stamping.

This is what they ended up looking like applied over a nude base.

This was their promo picture. Clearly photoshopped, and nothing like what I ended up with.  It think it's important to notr that the length of foil is about 3-4 cm wide, which means you will not get the full pattern of the design showing on your nail like they show in the promo picture, (unless you have really long nails).

Despite it not looking anything like the promo, it was actually really cool and looked way better in real life away from these close up photos.

I also wore it over a dark red, Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn.  It was just as amazing, although the imperfections in my foil application were much more obvious over the dark shade.

For 99 cents, these are pretty fun, and I have loads and loads of the stuff left. If you are interested in addin git to your next BPS order, it's item #32274 called Laser Nail Art Sticker Creative Pattern Mysterious Starry Sky Decals

Foil provided for consideration.


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