Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Enchanted Polish: Rare Magic and Wicked

I don't purchase nail polish very often these days, as it's unusual for something to grab my eye as something I wouldn't similar in my already immense collection!  But I did receive the recent restock email from Enchanted Polish announcing some new releases, and to my surprise two of them caught my attention enough to join in on the pre-order.  The two I got were Rare Magic and Wicked.  

I have to say I'm really glad I got these two and I certainly don't have anything like them in my collection, plus they really feel like 'me' sort of polishes, having a strong golden shimmer, being duochromey, holo and then in my top colour choices for polish, green and blue.

One think that absolutely frustrates the hell out of me with Enchanted Polish is the lack of swatches available before she does the pre-order.  I really wish Chelsea would send them out to a few bloggers so we could get a better idea of what each one is, in fact I might end up purchasing more if I were able to see more swatches before hand. 

Anyway, I've done some google image searches and there still aren't many swatch photos available out there of these two photos, but it's probably not that relevant now as unless you grabbed these in the pre-order you are sweet out of luck.  Let's take a look anyway.

Rare Magic - whilst this looks quite bronzed in these photos, the base polish colour for Rare Magic is actually a rich royal purple, but the heavy load of the copper/gold/green/blue shimmer makes it look like a much more metallic golden shade.  The duo chrome shift in this is excellent, and so is the holo flame, it really is a delight.

Wicked has a grassy green base that looks much more olive toned due to the same copper/gold/green/blue shimmer that is in Rare Magic.  The green base for this one makes the green shift in the duo chrome stand out even more. This is such a stunner.

What was the last Enchanted Polish you bought?


  1. WOOOOW :O amazing nail polish, my favorite is Rare Magic

  2. I also hate when you can't find many (or any) swatches before buying. It's a real gamble with what you are going to get especially when they don't provide real bottle shots (I'm looking at you Color Club!). These polishes look stunning!

  3. Omg I luv luv luv wicked. And I don't even like green. The way it glows golden from within like a flame... have not found anything close even in other Enchanted Polishes


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