Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Picture Polish Collaboration Polishes from 2015 Spam

I recently received the latest collaboration shades from Picture Polish and whilst reviewing my stash and then my blog I realised that there were a few of them that I hadn't actually worn, and some others that I'd only used with nail art and not actually swatched the polish on it's own for inclusion in my colour guide.  

So now I'm on a mission to get them up all updated and today I'm starting with some spam of all the Collaboration polishes released last year.  I'll then have the opulence polishes released in another post and then the 2016 Collaboration Polishes, which I'm currently working on swatching and wearing with nail art.

So without further adieu, here is my swatch spam, which has now been updated on my Picture Polish Colour Guide. I've also updated that page to reflect any polishes that have been discontinued, and there are so many.  You know there are only three collaboration polishes from 2013 that are still available - and I'm so honored that mine is still there with Cosmos and Demeter!

(a)live - created with Sois Polish

Allure - created with Nina_D83

Arabian - created with Didoline

Autumn - created with The Polishing Life.

Big Bang - Created with La NPA Mouton

Bordeaux - created with Nil Nails

Cabaret - created with u_nona

Calm - created with Rafi Nails

Cherish - created with Anna Gorelova

Karma - created with Sveta Sanders

Magic - Created with LakkomLakkom

Nebula - created with The Nail Polish Project

New York - created with Color4Nails

Ornate - created with Lacquered Affair

Paris - created with QuicheGirl

Rebelle - created with Mary Monkett

Superior - created with Jessface90

Pretty awesome hey! Which is your favourite? I adore Superior, but another surprise favourite is Cabaret and of course I love the golden tones of Magic and the versatility of Cherish.

All these shades are available from the Picture Polish website and through the various Picture Polish international stockists.

Polishes provided for consideration last year - bad blogger!.


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