Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Digital Dozen does Vampy: Day 3 Lacy undergarments

I've had Messy Mansion plate MM70 for ages now, and I hadn't yet found the right time to use it. The plate has a number of different lacy, lace up and undergarment type images on it and with the definition of Vampy meaning sexy, highly appealing and risque, I figured these images would be just right for this prompt.  Although I have to say that having a bra stamped on my nails was a little weird.

For my base I used a couple of coats for OPI Don't Touch my Tutu.  The bra is just black stamping, but the lace up bits use Picture Polish Obsession, which was from their Vampy collection, so that was a perfect choice too.


  1. Haha that's awesome! There's a time and a place for certain plates and I have some I have yet to use myself because of that lol

  2. This is the PERFECT time to use your stamping plate! :) This is such a great mani!

  3. Haha that sounds like such an interesting plate, but it works perfectly for this!


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