Friday, May 12, 2017

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It's double Jelly time - Jelly gradient with Clear Jelly Stamper Tribal stamping

Remember when I said I did a mani and I wore it all week.  This is that mani!  It was so pretty and looked amazing for the whole time, including being chip free.  I attribute that to the white glitter base, that stuff really sticks like you know what to a blanket.

I started with the white Glitter Base polish from Dance Legend, and then I rubbed the silver holo glitter into it that I got from Mega Nail Supplies and showed a few days ago on my blog.

On top of that I added a gradient using three Dance Legend Enamel Glass polishes (1051, 1059 and 1060). The Enamel Glass polishes are really pigmented, but still very jelly like so the holo glitter base beneath really shone through.

The tribal stamping on top was made using the CJS Tribal stamp, which has lots of different individual elements that can be added together to form lots of different tribal designs.  I loved being able to determine what exact elements I was going to build my tribal design with, but the down side is that it does take a long time to finish a full mani.  That's because you are stamping each nail multiple times, in this mani, it was 5 stamps per nail which did add up the minutes.

One of my most favourite macros ever (even if it does still have a few of those little spider leg lines along some edges)

And here is a bonus shot of just the gradient before the stamping was applied. Pretty damn spectacular in its own right.

I received this stamping plate from Mega Nail Supplies, who are the Australian suppliers for Clear Jelly Stamper.  My voucher for 15% off , which is valid for her entire range, include all the Clear Jelly Stamper products is - 15MORE

Products provided for consideration.

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  1. Ahhh, I love these nails so much - Thank you for sharing :) They remind me of a 70's disco, they're so cool.

    Chloe @


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