Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Rub in those glitters feat. glitter from MegaNailSupplies

Not so long ago I got an email from Megan from MegaNailSupplies, a Facebook based store that sells a bunch of different nail art stuff here in Australia and who is also the official Australian stockist of Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plates, polishes and stampers.

I've been working on some manis using the CJS plates I received, but I'm still editing those, so in the mean time, why don't I share with you some of the glitter mixes. I wore all these mixes rubbed into various base colours, two of them into Dance Legend Black Glitter Base, one into the white glitter base, and another just into regular polish and top coat.

First up are two glitter mixes from the Black Galaxy Set.  This first one is called Gravity and it has an overall dark navy blue tone, but it twinkles with a rainbow of a thousand stars.

This next one, also from the Black Galaxy Set, called Berry Galaxy has a dark berry pink tone, but again a holo rainbow reflecting lots of different colours.  I ended up playing around with some stamping on with with some inglot flakies. The colour contrast wasn't strong enough for it to show up, so I'm going to have to stamp this again onto a lighter background, cause it looked amazing.

Both these glitters are quite small, I'm not really sure on my glitter sizes, but I'd say these ones are about .004" size, which is quite powdery and very easy to rub into polish and get a smooth finish.

The next two glitters are from the Disco Ballers Set and the glitters in these ones are a slightly larger at about .008" in size.  They still rub into nail polish very easily and you get good coverage with minimal gaps.

This pink one, which I rubbed into a coat of Essence Gel look top coat, over Ulta3 Eighties Fuchsia, is called Night of Pink and it is clearly a bright pink holo glitter.

Finally, this one is called Angel Wings, and would you believe it's actually a silver holo?  Here on my nails over white, it looks like multicoloured glitter, but that is actaully the holo colours on the silver coming out. Pretty cool hey! You can see the macro to see that is truly is silver.

These are just two of the glitters available in each set, The Black Galaxy set has 8 colours, and the Disco baller set has 12 colours.  I could go completely insane playing with all those glitters!  Megan tells me that all the glitters are also solvent safe, which means you can use them in frankening or mixing up you own polishes.

I have two nail art looks coming based which I did over Night of Pink and Angel Wings, and one of them I wore on my nails for an entire week I loved it that much.

If you want to see the rest of the range, or what else Megan has on offer, check out her Facebook shop - Mega Nail Supplies.  I also have a 15% off voucher, which is valid for her entire range, include all the Clear Jelly Stamper products, for any of my readers - 15MORE

Glitters provided for consideration.


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