Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Pebble stamping over glitter with Clear Jelly Stamper

Look at me with two posts in two days.  I'm so awesome!

Today I have the first of the two nail art looks I promised over the glitter bases I showed yesterday. This one is pretty cool, but tomorrow's is spectacular.  

I decided to stamp in black and white over the pink glitter, it sure was a crazy look.  The images I used are of Clear Jelly Stamper Plate 'On the pond' and when you line up the two images, they fit together like a perfect jigsaw.  I can see me using these two images quite a bit with a bunch of different colours.

I was very happy with the quality of the plate. I've used the smaller Clear Jelly Stamper plates in the past and have had issues with them not being etched deep enough (which they did replace with new plates). These ones are nicely etched and the layered stamping designs line up perfectly.

I received this stamping plate from Mega Nail Supplies, who are the Australian suppliers for Clear Jelly Stamper.  My voucher for 15% off , which is valid for her entire range, include all the Clear Jelly Stamper products is - 15MORE


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