Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Rainforest week - Day 2

Why is it that Digital Dozen week always falls on the busiest week of the month?

Usually I work from home on Wednesdays for half a day, and I'm able to sometimes sneak in a quick afternoon nail painting session when I'm behind for a nail art challenge.  But this week I'm giving a presentation in the office on Wednesday and I swapped my half day for a day last week.  Of course I wasn't behind in my manis' last week because I thought I'd already completed one, but yeah, I didn't photograph it.  Plus I've just started doing a physio therapy rehabilitation 8 week program this week for my foot, and it really is painful and tiring. Come on lady, suck it up!

Today is day 2, and it's another green look. I really want to try diversify the colours this week, but I have a feeling it's going to be a very green week.  I really love the design today, it worked out exactly has I had planned.

Today's mani features a Bengal tiger stalking it's prey in an Asian Rainforest.  I started with a gradient blue and green background, then stamped bamboo stalks and leaves in different shades of green.

I created the tiger as a stamping decal using Moyou London Suki 02 plate.

I have created a similar design two years ago, but I think this one is way better.

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