Monday, May 15, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Rainforest week - Day 1

Argh, I'm so cranky at myself. I had done another mani for day 1 of Digital Dozen today, but it turns out that I totally forgot to photograph it!  I was downloading my photos from my camera and sorting through them and couldn't understand where they went. I seriously can't believe that I didn't photograph them. On the up side, there were definitely improvements that I could have done, so at least when I redo them later this week I will hopefully do a better job!

Ok, now onto the story of today's rain forest design.  I originally did all my nails the same, with stamping decals of these different shades of green leaves.  Just after I had finished all my nails (and stupidly before I took photos), my daughter asked me to help her find a piece of lego that had flicked across the room and went behind the TV cabinet.  

Of course I found the piece of lego, but in the process I managed to completely ruin my pinky nail.  I had just packed everything up and there was no way I was going to create another decal just for one finger, so instead I just painted random green bits on it and tried to disguise it with some sort of centipede going across my nail.  But it looked a bit funny just going across one nail, so I added a bit more onto the ring finger.  

Looking at it now, and knowing how long the damn stamping decals took, I wish I'd just done the quick random green smoosh on all my nails and got a hour or two of my life back! Argh! 


  1. Love all of the different greens in the background! Looks like a lovely mani! Plus aren't you clever with that quick fix! Love it!

  2. I love the decal image, so happy they weren't all wrecked!

  3. Love everything about this one


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