Friday, May 19, 2017

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Digital Dozen - Rainforest week - Day 4 - Morpho Butterfly

A date late, but I'm here with day 4 of the rain forest inspired manis.  I needed a quick design that didn't need too much thought, so when I did a google image search for 'Rainforest Creatures' and saw photos popping up of the Morpho Butterfly, I knew I could pull it off in about an hour for the full mani.

I started with a gradient of Picture Polish blue, swagger and instinct.  I then planned to stamp over it with Vivid Lacquer plate VL004.  But my problem was that I had done my diagonal gradient the wrong direction for the butterfly wing design.  That meant I had to work out a quick way to mirror the image.  I knew I could do it with a stamping decal, but I didn't have time to apply 10 stamping decals, it would have been quicker to just redo the gradient on the other angle. 

What I ended up doing was pick up the image in the normal way, then quickly stamp it onto another clear stamper which reversed the image, and then stamped it onto my nail. I think I might actually do a video about it, because it worked out really well.


  1. It's really gorgeous.


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