Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Mermaid and Clear Jelly Stamper goldfish

Today I have some cute little goldfish on my nails which were achieved so easily using the Crystal Stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper and their 'On the pond' stamping plate.

The base I chose for this was a new polish from Picture Polish called mermaid, which is a teal jelly with a mix of different sized silver holo glitters.

I stamped each fishy in three goes, first in white and then in orange, because my orange polish just didn't pop enough over the teal base colour without the white base. I then stamped the fish details in black.

Here is the CJS Crystal stamper.  It's pretty huge and it has a cover that goes over each end to stop dirt and fluff getting over the crystal clear stamping head.

I actually have grown quite a collection of clear stampers over the years, and here are the best of them.  Clockwise from the blue one they are - Big Blue stamper from Born Pretty, Big clear stamper from DRK Nails, CJS crystal stamper, Born Pretty and Picture Polish.

A quick option on them all.  Big blue, fantastic, love how it picks up images, but the solid holder takes away a lot of the light so looking through it can be quite dark.  DRK, has frosted clear side so the ligh is better, and it picks up images nicely, but it is rather thick so you can get a little image distortion looking through it.  CJS crystal, crystal clear on the sides and somewhat shorter than the others. It lets all the light in and the stamper is thinner so the image isn't distorted at all. I just a had few problems getting a perfect pick up every time.  Born Pretty store smaller clear, no complaints, frosted sides and a longer shaft means you can get a fish eye effect. Picture Polish stamper. Was my go to stamper for just about everything. Clear on the sides for nice light, picks up well every time, just the longer handle can give the fish eye distortion.

Here is a quick stamper comparison of all the stampers.  As you can see they all do a good job and you would generally be very happy with any of these.

Ok now back to a few more pictures of the fishes.

And you wont believe this, I filmed it.  Not just that, I edited it and already uploaded it to Youtube so I could embed it here in my blog.

I received this stamping plate and stmaper from Mega Nail Supplies, who are the Australian suppliers for Clear Jelly Stamper.  My voucher for 15% off , which is valid for her entire range, include all the Clear Jelly Stamper products is - 15MORE

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  1. Really lovely. Your choice of base polish is perfect!


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