Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Artform Revolutionary Range #508 Purple Orange

My Nfu Oh haul from Vivid Nails arrived yesterday, YAY.  They weren't able to get #51 because the supplier is out of stock, but I did get a whole range of other flakies, #62 which is the remaining holo I didn't have, plus a number of polishes for $2 from their clearance sale.  They also kindly sent me a free bottle of Aqua base, which is just awesome cause I haven't tried it yet, and I hear it makes quite a difference for the holos.  So thanks Vivid Nails.

Today is the last multichrome I got in my haul from Artform.  Artform Revolutionary Range #508 Purple Orange.  As per all my previous posts, I believe this is a dupe for the now discontinued Ozotic Pro #508, but they may have another shade that similar to this one now (#521??) - Anyone with Ozotic #521, does this look the same?

#508 has a purple shimmer base, that shifts through burgundy red tones and flashes a strong orange.

To answer some questions about where to get these, I bought these from an Australian supplier called Artform Nails. But they only ship to Australia (and shipping is expensive if you only buy a few polishes - $20) The Ozotic Pro polishes are dupes and are easier to buy online, both Picture Polish and Australian Beauty Supplies have them and I think they ship internationally too.

Finally, just to sum up the dupiness of these against other polishes

Artform #502 = Ozotic Pro #502 = Sally Hansen Ruby Opal (almost, at least close enough).
Artform #503 = Ozotic Pro #503 (discontinued).  Only option is Artform version - and it is sensational.
Artform #504 = Ozotic Pro #504
Artform #505 = Ozotic Pro #505 = Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal Prism.
Artform #506 = Ozotic Pro #506 = Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis Prism.
Artform #508 = Ozotic Pro #508 (discontinued) and maybe #521, but I need someone to confirm that!

Thanks for sharing the fun of multichromes with me for the last week!
Which one was your favourite? 
Mine was #503, the green one that shifted to bronze.


  1. More duochromes? ^_^
    I definitely haven't seen orange in a duochrome polish before, very unique :)

  2. Have to agree with you. Green to Bronze my my favourite too.

  3. Wow this one is really amazing! The colors are so pretty (:

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  5. Love your review! It's so in details!

  6. Ditto to what Jia says ;)

    For reference: There is another Aussie manufacturer that either makes or dupes Artform and Ozotic. Check out the B Range polishes (multi & duo chromatics) at nationalsalonsupplies.com.au

    I have a few and have compared against the same number coded Ozotics...a friend has some and colour wheeled them for me to compare and yup..dupiness!


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