Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Christening nails

Today I have my nails from my baby girls Christening on the weekend.  I couldn't go last Ulta3's baby pink for this mani.  I added some flower embellishments that I bought from a kisok in our local Westfield last year.  They work really well, but I was lazy and didn't find the tweezers to apply them and that's why they aren't lined up nicely.

Here is the cake I made for her.

And the inside. White Chocolate mud cake, aarrgggghhhhh (wipes drool from side of mouth)

And my dolly dressed up ready to go.
Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. That cake looks yummy. :) Congratulations to your baby girl on her Christening. She is so adorable.

    Your mani for the special day was lovely.

  2. Oh wow, your baking skills are amazing! I also love your nails too, of course. :)

  3. your baby is so sweet!!! so beautiful!!!!

  4. Wow, the mani is so lovely!
    Congrats to your baby girl, she's adorable! It looks like you had a great day with a yummy gorgeous looking cake!

  5. nawww congrats on the christening!
    I have the same nail stickers from the kiosk at westfields last year too. except it was here in adelaide. They dragged me over and put the nail stickers on my ring fingers (i had french acrylics at this time). They looked so awesome! I got sucked in to buying some! hahaha

  6. That cake is so cool!
    And your daughter is beautiful! I love her dress!

  7. so beautiful! My birthday is April 23rd too =] good day!


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