Monday, April 25, 2011

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Birthday Nails

The weekend really got away from me.  I did hope to post sooner than this, but the crazy Easter weekend just took over.

Here are the nails that I wore for Bayden's birthday.  He thought they were so wonderful and kept wanting to look at them.  Yes, he turned three, and yes he loves Elmo.

I used Orly's Lunar Eclipse as the base, then did a white splodge on the elmo nails, so that the red would show through nicely.  I used Ulta 3 Fire Truck for the red and Carrot top for the nose.  I then used a black nail art brush for the dots and smile.  For the '3's' I first did them in white, then I painted over them in Ulta3 Citrus  Putting the white underneath really made the yellow pop. Apologies for the tip wear, this was at the end of the day at Monkey Mania.

And here is there little man's birthday cake.  He really loved it!!

Finally, for shits and giggles, here is my right hand.  OMG I really suck trying to do neat nail art with my left hand.  But from a distance they still matched, and when people asked to see my nails I just showed my left hand.

I still have my mani on from Saturday at the moment.  So no Easter nails, however I'm still planing to do ANZAC nails today.


  1. Very cute! Love the cake :)

  2. i think the blue is probably lunar eclipse, not halley's comet...

  3. ELLLLMO he is sooooooo sweet love him

  4. Very cute! Great cake too.

  5. terry - your right, I'm going to edit my post to corect that!!

    Thanks everyone, Elmo is so cute!

  6. That's very cute!

  7. How cute! My son's 2nd birthday party is this weekend, he wanted a monkey party....I'll have to see what I can come up with! :)

  8. Melissa - Hapyy Birthday to your little man this weekend too.

  9. Such a cute idea for your nails! I love it!


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