Monday, April 18, 2011

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Artform 730 - Purple Gold

Wow, almost a week between posts. Whoops.

I've been busy this week painting, not my nails this time, but the hallway walls.  In fact not just painting, but plastering and sanding as well.  As a result my fingies are all cracked and dry.  I've also had a minor breakage so I have trimmed all my nails down. So while they grow out a bit, here are some swatches I did a few weeks back when I was swatching the Artform 3D Revolutionary range.

This is another Artform polish, #730 Purple Gold from the Duo Chrome range.

Its a shimmery rose pink (rather than purple) which shifts to a strong orangy gold.

This was two coats layered over black.

On the tip of my right most finger you can see more purple tones to the base colour.

In the bottle it looks much more red and gold.

So I have finished painting today (in readiness for all the family coming over for Easter, my boys 3rd birthday and my little girls christening.  Its going to be a very busy long weekend.


  1. Such a perfect shade for our autumn! I've been loving all of these Artform polishes :)

  2. Awesome!!! Great combo of colors (:

  3. beautiful. it reminds me of an accessorize shade! i think its name is bruised bronze? Can't remember

  4. Another beautiful Artform polish :)

  5. Thanks ladies, it sure is a great colour combo for Autumn.

  6. Just gorgeous!


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