Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Artform 752 - Mauve Opal

So today, my crazy weekend begins.  Today's is Bayden's 3rd Birthday.  We are off into the city to ride the carousel then out to Monkey Mania, an indoor play centre with super slides, ball pits and various climbing and tunneling areas.  I have done a very cute birthday mani for him, which he loves, but you will have to wait until Monday to see the pictures, as I want to team it all up with the birthday cake from Sunday.

Tomorrow we have the in-laws arriving, then Saturday we have Skyla's Christening, then Sunday its Easter lunch with all the family and a birthday party for Bayden.  Now, Mum just told me I have to do Christening nails for Saturday, Easter Nails on Sunday and I was hoping to ANZAC day nails on Tuesday too.

So while Bay and my husband are out hanging the washing on the line (I know isn't he just the best husband), I'm quickly doing this post, and cheating with some of the last swatches I did of the Artform Duochromes.

This is #752 Mauve Opal, two coats applied over black.

The base is a very pretty shimmery mauve, and the shift colour is a silvery mint greenish shimmer.

Nice cool tones and a great colour combination.

Oh - and although it's already the 21st here, there are still a couple of hours left to enter my holographics giveaway, as its still the 20th over in the Americas.

Finally, thank you to all the lovey girls that comment on my blog.  I do read them all, and love receiving them, even if I don't personally reply!

Happy Thursday everyone.


  1. Happy Thursday!!! This color is also pretty!
    Love reading your blog :)

  2. Hi, where do you get Artform nail polishes from?

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one!! It's mine too, though you'd have to add an extra 3 to the number... Sounds like you're gonna have a busy week-end, have fun!
    And very nice polish btw!

  4. Thanks Jia

    jazzqueen64 - you can only buy them from Artform nails, and they only do ground shipping within Australia.

    Fairy Lelie - Happy 33rd Birthday to you!

  5. Australia has the most strange yet beautiful animals and nailpolishes :D

  6. These polishes are so pretty! It's a shame we can't get it here.
    Wish happy birthday for your little one!


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