Friday, April 1, 2011

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Artform Revolutionary Range #502 Red Gold

I toyed with the idea of doing an April fools post, but unless your the first in with it, there isn't much point (you got me Kaz!)

Today I'm showing you Artform Revolutionary Range #502 Red Gold, which is a dupe of Ozotic Pro #502 which may be close to a dupe of Sally Hansen Prism Ruby Opal (see Splurge vs Save).  But before swatches I just want to mention a couple of things that annoyed me about my latest order from Artform nails.
  1. I noticed on my credit card a week after placing my order that what I was charged was less that what I had ordered. I sent two emails to them asking why my order was costing less, unfortunately I never received a reply. It was only when my box arrived that there was a hand written note on the invoice that said some polishes were out of stock and they didn’t charge me for them. As their shipping is rather expensive, I really wish they had contacted me and advised if and when they were getting the polishes that were out of stock back in. I would happily have waited to receive them and ship them all together, whereas now, I would have to place another order (including the full shipping price) if I want to get the out of stock items.
  2. My other gripe is that a number of these bottles were not full. The green holographic one, and a few of the multichromes have a good 5mm missing at the top of the bottle. What’s with that!!
Despite these two issues, I am really happy with the polishes I have got.

#502 is another multichrome with colours shifting through from a burgundy crimson through to gold.  This is three coats over a black base.

This one was the first I swatched, and I didn't capture it as well as I have the others.  There is a real knack to photographing duochrome polishes and I certainly got better the more I took.


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