Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Kitty Kreations - Lufee Nails

This is Lufee

AKA: Foof, foofy, foofy pants, purry pants.

No idea what sort of breed she is, but I would guess at Himalayan-ish.  She is pale cream/white all over, with cream points and bright blue eyes.  She is also TINY, the smallest full grown adult cat I have ever seen.  She easily sits on just one knee, and can pretty much sit in my husbands hand!!

The story as to how we ended up with Foof is an interesting one.  An acquaintance of my mum was down at the local lake and found her. There is no residential area near the lake and she didn't know what to do with her. She had dogs at home, but knew my mum had cats, so she put her in the car and bought her over. 

We all thought she was a gorgeous kitten, and then I noticed the tattoo on the inside of her ear, a mark that shows shes been desexed.  We took her to the vet and had her scanned for a microchip.  They found one, and looked up the owner.  We were so happy to know that we were about to return this kitty to its home.  I know how upset we would be if we were missing a kitty.

Anyway, the vet called the owner and told them we found their cat.  Their reply was "oh, that cat, she ran away about a year ago.  We've got another cat now and don't really want her."   We couldn't believe it, first that this tiny kitty was a couple of years old and second, that they didn't want her back. So we scooped her up and took her home and never let her out again (except into our awesome cat runs).

So here are my Lufee nails.

I started with a white base, and sponged on OPI Samoan Sands to the tips.  I then added a franken blue fleck shimmer which represented her bright blue eyes.

Because the white was kinda thick and then I had to sponge a lot of Samoan Sands on to get a good colour, the tips ended up chunky and had massive shrinkage.  The blue shimmer also ended up looking really frosty. 

The top photo was outside in the sun, and the below indoors.  You can see the shimmer/frostiness of it clearly belown. It certainly was a different mani, and definitely represented my little Foofy, but I don't think I would wear it again.


  1. Foofy is a beautiful little cat. Your nail is pretty as well :)

  2. Wow, some people just suck. I think it's MUCH better that she found her way to you; people who treat pets as disposable possessions just baffle and disgust me. What a sweet kitty (and what nice nails!).

  3. She is adorable! Some people don't deserve to have pets IMO. Glad you gave her a good home.

  4. I loike the mani. It does represent her well. Thank God she found her way to you.

  5. Aww your kitteh is so cute! And what kind of person wouldn't want her back? You deserve her more than them, I like the mani it matches her.

  6. A mani well done. :) Sweet cat you got there. I'm too of the opinion that cats shouldn't be all free as if they're wild. Cause they're not. Mine are all inhouse living cats and only go out to the balcony (it has net on it so they won't stupidly follow a fly over the railing.

  7. I think that kitty is way better with you now. She's so adorable :)

  8. I think it is awesome that you made a manicure in the colours of your kitteh. She looks adorable.

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments about foof. I think she knows she is a lucky kitty too, given the amount of drool I'm covered in as we speak.

  10. Hello, my internet wanderings brought me here to your beautiful kitty. If you don't know by now she is most likely a Flame Point Siamese. I have several, although my lovely beautiful PBear passed last year. you can see them here:

    Anyway she is lovely and I hope you have many many years with her as a part of your family.


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