Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Kleancolor Chunky Holo Scarlet

I recently got a swap package from Sam over at The Real Polish Princess (who actually has an amazing giveaway on at the moment with a lot of sort after holo polishes, including some CG Kaleidoscopes, Glitter Gals, Ozotic Pros etc - go on, get over there and enter).  She was kind enough to send me all the Kleancolor Chunky Holos, and this one, Chunky Holo Scarlet, jumped right in there with my other favourite red polishes and made its way into my Red Week.

These chunky holos have been all over blogs at the moment.  But first, let me just confirm that the use of the word 'holo' in the title of these is totally misleading for anyone that thinks they might be getting a holographic polish.  These should be called chunky duochrome glitters. 

All these Chunky holos actually have the exact same glitter in them, which shifts yellow to red, but they are all in a different coloured base.  If you layered them all over black they are all the same (except holo black because of the different sized glitter). Scarlet is by far the most saturated colour, and possibly the only one that could be worn on its own without layering.

The duochrome glitters in these can actually be seen better indoors or in the shade rather than in full sun.

The other thing that everyone says with these polishes is that they are stinky.  And yep, its true, they are smelly. It's the sort of smell I reckon lacquers would have smelt like in the 1950's.  Totally worth the smell for the colour.  Thanks Sam, I love them.  Expect to see them all swatched soon.


  1. This polish reminds me of Sally Hansen red carpet !!! Super pretty

  2. Beautiful!
    Kleancolor polishes look so amazing and some really unique
    I want to get some so bad(:

    <3 BB

  3. very hot color!! different effect from different angle!

  4. I love this colour!! Reminds me of a hot firecracker red :)

    Please check me out :) at

  5. awesome *.*
    now i'm sorry i didn't buy this one too :-(

  6. I love Kleancolor polishes. Im one of the lucky people who can pick these up for $1 at my flea market so I have 40 something of them at this point with no dupes :D

    The smell though, I can tell you exactly what it smells like as it doesnt bother me=Sharpies! Yes, the black magic marker. The only reason I figured it out was I used a black sharpie on a practice finger the other day since I was out of black polish and the smell is identical. It does go away though, and never really bothered me much-just struck me as 'off' a bit. I thought it was due to them being out in the sun at the market for so long, lol.


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