Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Ozotic 621

As promised ladies, here is Ozotic 621.  This is the scattered red holographic.

This polish is a much bluer red, and certainly more of a true red compared to 518.  But it's holographic effect is very scattered and difficult to catch with the camera.  In fact it's also a little difficult to catch with the eye.  It certainly is very pretty and sparkly, but as far as the holographic rainbow goes, it gets a little lost within the deepness of the red jelly base.

This was three coats, because I noticed a bald spot which only had the jelly base colour and no sparkly bits on it.  No top coat.

And just for you Claire - here is a side by side comparison of 521 with 518. 

As you can see, 518 (on the left) is more of a strawberry pink red. 521 is a richer squishier red jelly.  I personally think the holo effect in 518 can't be beat because you can actually see the rainbow effect.

Sorry Claire, I think you need both in your collection, but not until No buy July is over :)


  1. WOW! That is friggin gorgeous! I love how red it is and is also a holo.. I need it!

  2. Lovley color! absolutley gorgeous:)

  3. love love love them both!

  4. Thanks mate!! :D Yeah I'll need that in my collection *itches to buy it now* Onto the Wishlist it goes!

  5. OMG I have never seen a red with anything like that in it before! That is so gorgeous!

  6. So pretty! I want them both.

  7. I have never seen red holos...I am totally drooling...those rich colored holos are amazing!

  8. Hey!
    Thank you for your posts about Ozotic beauties! I drool all over them every day! =)
    But are you sure that this is No. 521? I own that one and mine is not holographic, but red-purple-orange-yellow duochrome...
    And could you please swatch Ozotic 528 just over black (not 505)? And if you have other Elytras too, I would love to see all of them over black. <3

  9. I actually like this one better! Because it's a more true red! Yay! Thanks for this =)

  10. this is more than amazing!! so pretty! x

  11. Kvacka - I'm having a shocker with my numbers! yes this is 621, I fix the post now! Will swatch 528 over black too, but that is the only Elytra I have :(

  12. Thank you! =)
    528 is ok, I can't wait to see it over black. :) You really make beautiful photos!

  13. Thanks for posting this, I was trying to figure out which ozotic red to buy first up. Decision made!

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