Friday, July 22, 2011

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Ozotic 601

Oh My God - will these Ozotic holographics ever stop? No no no, I'm going to continue to smash pretty holoey goodness in your face until you scream "No more holos, I can't take it any longer".  And then I'll spam you with more, cause there just isn't such a thing as too much holoey goodness.  Alright!

Ozotic 601 is a sheer pale pink holographic.  It took three coats to get here, but PWOAR, it's amazing.  NO base or top coat and it lasted a solid two days (but then I had to change polish so I have something else to post tomorrow)

I reckon I would give this about a 9/10 on my newly made up 'holo-o-meter'. Sure, Nfu Oh, Gosh and Chanel Holographic would be more holo, but it's really hard to compare true linear holographics to these more scattered, larger particle holos.

I still can't get over how much I love these 600 series Ozotics (I know mum, get over it, right).  You see anytime my Mum say's "I can't get over blah blah blah.." I chime in with a "Well get over it, Mum". But seriously, I just can't get over it this time!

And now the special angle shot with the front and rear nails out of focus which shows the rainbow so perfectly.

A polish like this is just so special, it makes you smile.  Your smiling now just looking at it, aren't you.


  1. I love the super sweet colors, pieces of cotton candy.

  2. Love it, I will be searching for 601 now :-)

  3. Kristy - in case your interested, I got #600-#608 for $7.95 each from in qld.

  4. WOW, $7.95! bargain - Cheers for that ;-)

  5. This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I'm in love... :)

  6. You are seriously wicked - how can anyone choose a favourite out of all these Ozotic holographics!

  7. Wow, that's a powerful polish! Love it :-)

  8. Wow amazing I just love holo's soooo much.

  9. you kill me with all these ozotic holos!!!


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