Sunday, July 3, 2011

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More Spectraflair fun

I showed a sneak peek of this at the end of my last post.  This is another super quick and easy spectraflair franken polish.

All this was was half a bottle of Ulta3 Black Satin, half a bottle of clear and 1/8 teaspoon of spectraflair.

I have no inspiration for writing today. I have the dreaded lurgy passed on from my kids. I have so much snot that when I........... my bad, I'll spare you those details.  *off to curl up on sofa with a blankie and 3DS Zelda*


  1. great franken!
    gorgeous effect(:

  2. this is to die for! i'd be super proud if i made a franken that gorgous! i'll just drool over it now...

  3. Absolutely beautiful :D Hope you feel better soon

  4. Niiiice!

    Feel better, soon. :)

  5. Gorgeous! Where did you buy this from? I can't find spectraflair anywhere!

  6. Wow, these frankens people are doing are turning out awesome. Might cave and get some of this pigment one day. You haven't had any allergic reactions/problems with it or anything?

  7. I have to try the same!!
    A very little of powder I guess !

  8. What a pretty franken! And I soo want a 3DS! How do you like yours?


    I hope you feel better soon xo

  10. Oh, gorgeousness! Love Love Love! :)

  11. Thanks everyone - feeling much better today. If the sun comes out I might even get some swatching done.

    Aly - as far as I know there are only two places you can get spectraflair. eCrater in the US or from the UK via his a shop on ebay. The both ship internationally, youjust have to ask. The UK one has really jacked up his price and the US one sells a minimum of 3 grams. So its a bit expensive now.

    Gen - I've been wearing this now for three days, no issues what so ever. One is suppose to use gloves and a mask because the powder is so fine, but I didn't and even got it on my fingers. I just washed it off with soap and water and no issues.

    Stef - I'm so loving my 3DS with Zelda. The 3D is sooo good, I actually have to turn it down after a while cause I get dizzy. I've been spending a bit too much time play it, rather that with nail polish in the last few days.


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