Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Nubar Fire Sparkle

Red week continues (albeit a little late today) with Nubar Fire Sparkle.

I've had this polish for a while.  It's amazingly sparkly, which as any blogger would know, is incredibly hard to capture in photos.  These Nubar Sparkles have so much glitter in them that you can almost get away with one coat!  This was two coats, with a very generous layer of Seche Vite (to start with).

The above picture was taken indoors, next to the window with natural light.  Below taken in the sun.

I have read on someone else's blog,  where they called these Nubar sparkles, 'thirsty' polishes.  I think that is such a great description for them.  

The above photos were all taken very soon after applying my thick layer of Seche Vite, and as you can see below, that top coat is drying fast and being drunk up by the polish.  These polishes end up looking rough very quickly. 

I tried and tried to get a finished glassy top coat look, I think I ended up with 7 layers of top coat!  It just kept soaking it up.  It's really weird.  I've never experienced this with another glitter polish.  

I bought these after seeing amazing swatches and reviews on Scrangie's blog, but I'm sure she must photograph some things while they are still wet.  Without that glassy finish they look kinda matte, which is weird too.  The sparkle in these is awesome, but like all glitters, a biotch to remove.

Do you have any of the Nubar sparkle polishes?  Are yours thirsty too?


  1. I want all of the Nubar sparkles so bad... hopefully I can make them mine soon! Even with the rough texture I think it looks cool :)

  2. It is pretty but I am fussy with glitters. If I can't get them smooth with a couple coats of topcoat I get annoyed.

  3. I have Night and Violet sparkle (Fire is next on the list) and love them. They drink like a fish though and I've found a top coat dulls them very slightly... so I've gone without once or twice. I think sandpaper finish is worth it though for how beautiful they are.

  4. so pretty! but the after math would be a pain, but its worth it for such an amazing payoff!

  5. That color really is on fire. Super hot!!

  6. The Milani one-coat glitters did that to me! I needed three layers of top coat, I had never seen anything like that before!

  7. This polish reminds me of OPI - Smittens with Mittens which is one of my favourites!! You might want to try a gel overlay type polish like Gelous over super hungry glitters that eat up your top coat. I think Sally's carries them. Love the sparkles! Thank you for sharing :D

    Please check me out :) at

  8. I want to own all the sparkles one day, so far I have Violet and Hyacynth. I like 1 coat of Violet Sparkle over China Glaze Grape Pop, it's amazing. I use Barielle Manicure Extender on thirsty glitters and then top coat, so far it works ;D

  9. Yaztee - Night and Violet are beautiful too aren't they. But I think I would go nuts with sand paper nails, although maybe the effect will be worth it!

    YK - Thanks for the info about Gelous. Off to google now to see where I can get this in Australia.

    Alexandrarc - I will also check out Barielle Manicure Extender. Off to google to check for it too. Love Violet and Hyacycnth too!

  10. whoaaaaaa. i'd be thirsty too if i were that HOT!!!

  11. I applied Gelous before a top coat, abd it has a very smooth finish.

  12. I've never used Gelous, I will have to try it out. Is it easy to use?


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