Friday, July 29, 2011

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Ozotic 617

Ahhh, the tranquility. Mr Three and Miss Six months are both currently haivng a middle of the day sleep. So a perfect time for a real quick blog post.

The pretty on my nails right now is Ozotic 617.  A rich aqua marine blue with large holographic particles.

No base, three coats, no top coat.  It really only needs two coats, but I felt better with three cause I didn't have a base on, and it dries so fast that three coats isn't an isue.

Another very sparkly one, especially in the sun, but OK indoors too.  Another 8/10 on my holo-a-meter for this.

I'm going to enjoy a quiet day today, as I'm still recovering from working in the yard moving very large piles of mulch (and we have more to do on the weekend). We had a mobile mulcher guy come and mulch up a whole stack of tree prunings as well as two massive pine trees, one of which fell down across our driveway a few weeks back in strong wind storms.  How'd ya like this big tree in your driveway when you got home?  Luckily our driveway has two entrances.

Gotta love those SES guys who came and chopped it out of the way for us.  You guys ROCK!


  1. Wow that is a dazzling polish! I love the color of that blue too. And yikes! That's a giant tree! We had a few trees that fell in our yard too, but thankfully none across the driveaway.

  2. The holo particles are stunning! Loving the base color as well :)

  3. That looks great! Damn storms - we've got one brewing outside ... it's not even 3:30 and it's black and dark out there :(

  4. My dad tells the story of riding out a hurricane when he was a boy. They were on high enough ground to be dry, but so many trees blew down over their long twisty driveway that they wound up just creating a new path for it, rather than waiting for the trees to all get cleared away.

    I'm glad you didn't have too much trouble with the downed trees

  5. This tree is impressing 0.0
    and the polish too!!

  6. Woooow, when I see the next Ozotic polish, I want to buy one of these...but I looked on internet and I didn't find any web shop.. :( And, of course, gorgeous mani!!! :D

  7. Oh wow, your swatches came out way better than mine! Looks fantastic!

    Ugh, we had a tree fall at our last house, It crushed the clothesline but miraculously missed the house, fence and most luckily my dog! Glad everyone is okay!

  8. I've got a thing for blue at the moment so I absolutely love this. It looks great with your skintone.

  9. This is gorgeous! And WOW that's a big tree! I'm glad no one was hurt.

  10. Ahhh... Glargh! *drool* Blue holo...

    I love storms, in spite of the danger of something blowing over. I'm glad that the tree didn't fall on your house or car. :)

  11. OMG!! I love that colour! Is it from where you live? I have never heard or seen that brand around here...I would love to find it for myself!!

  12. Karla - Yes Ozotic Pro nail polishes are from Australia. The only place for international gals to grab them from is

  13. Gorgeous doesn't really seem to cover it.. but yet that is exactly what that shade is.


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