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Indie review - Glimmer by Erica

Last week I showed you two polishes from a new indie polish brand Glimmer by Erica.  Today I have another five polishes to show you.

Drizzt -  Erica says on her Etsy site that this polish is my homage to one of her favorite novel characters of all time, Drizzt Do'Urden, from the Forgotten Realms books by R. A. Salvatore.  I've not read the book, but I did google image search 'Drizzt', and I totally see what she was doing with this polish.

The polish has lots of small black and lavender hexes, large lavender hexes, I nice sprinkling of red square glitter and a good mix of medium darker purple hexes.  This is two wiped, not dabbed coats of Drizzt over a lavender custom polish. One coat of Ulta 3 non chip and one of Seche Vite.  This polish was lovely and smooth, although the macro does show the tiniest bit of glitter curl on the red and purple glitters.  Just the right amount to make the light shift of them nicely without being a pain in the bum to cover with topcoat.

I Heart You - This one contains lots of different shades and sizes of light pink and blue hexes as well as light pink hearts. I really love this polish.  There is something about it that reminds me of a baby version of Lynnderella's Boy Girl Party. What I mean is that Boy Girl Party is like a teenage party with all the bright pink and blue glitters, whereas this one seems like a little toddler party with little boys and girls in their pastel colours.  Ok, I'm a bit weird right :)

For this mani I layered two wiped coats of I Heart You over Priti NYC Old Man Cactus (silver foil), topped with Ulta3 non chip and Seche Vite.  This one was actually very smooth, as can be seen on the macro. Even the hearts didn't stick up on the edges, and there were plenty of them that I got at least one on each finger.

Princess Disco - This one has all different shades of pink and fuchsia micro glitter and some larger silver holo squares. This one is also two wiped coats layered over Priti NYC Old Man Cactus.  Very pretty and girly and most defiantly a princess disco going on on my nails. 

Oooh and do you notice that this is a swatch of my right hand. Yippee.  I'm usually ok a painting my right hand, but what I totally suck at is photographing it.  I simply can not work out how to hold my hand without feeling completely awkward.

Twilight Sky - Again, lots of different glitters make up this polish, which makes it so much more interesting and multidimensional than the sort of glitters you usually find with commercial brands.  The main glitter base is purple glitter, with purple, blue, and orange micro glitter, blue sapphire holo glitter, purple square glitter, and dark navy blue glitter. 

This one has a few bent glitters, but I was still able to get it completely glossy smooth with just two layers of top coat.  This mani was one wiped coat layered over Priti NYC Pewter Veil.

Treasure Chest - I think this one is a rather unique combination of glitter. The base is mainly gold - which surprise, surprise I love! Then this polish is full of all kinds of holo glitter, diamond shape holos, gold and silver holo hexes, as well as red, aqua and sapphire blue glitter. There is some slight glitter bending, but nothing a thick coat of top coat can't fix.  This one also has a lightest tinted jelly blue base.  I don't believe the tinted base is intentional, cause I'm pretty sure it's from some of the blue glitter - although none of the glitters appear to have lost any luster.  I informed Erica of the slight bleed, and she said she has already identified the culprit and rectified the situation.  But honesty, I actually really like the light jelly blue base made by the bleeder.

This is two wiped coats layered over Priti NYC Chrysanthos (goil foil). This really does look like you're peering into a treasure chest full of jewels, especially in the macro photo.

All these polishes are completely packed with glitter, you could probably get full nail coverage with three coats, but it would feel rather thick.  

Overall, I really loved this range of polishes from Glimmer by Erica.  She is coming out with a couple of new LE colours soon too, so keep a look out for those.  Based on these ones, I think they will be great.

These polishes were provided for review.


  1. Please don't get me wrong - I *love* glitter. But there's a little too much going on with these ones, except maybe for the Twilight Sky. It's probably just me, but ... I think I'll give all these a miss.

    1. Lol, twilight shy was probably my least favorite. I love glitter bombs, especially ones that get lots of glitter on the nail, I don't much like the look of sparse glitter. It all comes down to personal tastes.

    2. I have to agree with you, there's just a bit too much going on and some of them look kind of messy. But that's just my opinion! Having said that, i thought the two polishes shown last time were completely gorgeous!

  2. LOOOOOVE these! I am a huge fan of chunky glitters!

  3. Brilliant glitters - personally, whats a glitter without lots of it.
    But - my greatest favorite isn't because it's better than any other one - it's Drizzt because I love Dark Elves and this sooo reminds me (if you know EQ2) of the colors of the city of Neriak. Huge Forgotten Realms fan too.
    Yeah - I admit - a nerd here :)

  4. I have Princess Disco and Treasure Chest already and I truly loooove both of them!! I especially love Treasure Chest over a black base though. It has so many colors that it sparkles brilliantly and seems to be constantly changing colors in the different lighting. I can't keep my eyes off it!!! I plan to try it over red next. When I wear Princess Disco I feel very girly & sparkly!! Almost like a teenager again!! I love it too!! I plan to buy more colors!!!

  5. beautiful! i want all of them :)

  6. these are all really pretty.. I love the combinations of glitters with these, they're just right in my opinion. Very nice.

  7. To Palaginghuli: I have been wearing Treasure Chest for a week and I have only 1 taco glitter, and it just started to curl yesterday. It is no problem at all. I have seen no tacos in Princess Disco. These are the only 2 polishes I've tried so far, but I definitely plan to buy more!!

  8. after last week's post i bought 4 ... they arrived this week and WOW they look precious. Can't WAIT to try them on xx

  9. Hey, I wasn't sure how else to get in contact with you... I searched for swatches of those Glimmer by Erica polishes and thought I had seen them here. THEN I found this: http://nailtoday.blogspot.com/2012/07/indie-review-glimmer-by-erica.html This isn't also yours, right?

    If someone is blatantly ripping off your writing and photos, I just wanted to make sure you knew.


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