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Priti NYC - Heavy Medal For London 2012

Today I have a really awesome collection from Priti NYC. The Heavy Medal for London 2012 collection.  This is one of two Olympics themed collections released by Priti NYC. The other is Priti Red, White, & Beautiful For London 2012 - which features some patriotic themed red, white and blue polishes.  

This collection features four very shiny metallic foil polishes.  One for each medal place, gold, silver and bronze and an addition blueish grey foil (I guess for the non place getters)

The packaging for Priti NYC polishes is so pretty.

Undo the ribbon and the little package unfolds to reveal the four polishes in this collection.

I love square bottles, they pack so perfectly into my helmer, and I also love the brushed silver caps on these bottles.

Chrysanthos is the gold foil, and it's a beautiful cool toned gold foil.  It reminds me of Orly Luxe, although the formula on this was much better than Luxe. This is two coats and it was smooth to apply, shown here indoors.

In the sun, the metallic particles in these polishes really sparkle.

When applying all of these polishes you do see brush strokes, but as the polish dries, the brush strokes completely disappear.

Old Man Cactus is the bright and rich silver foil. Now I understand the name for the gold foil polish, but I'm not really sure I see where Old Man Cactus fits in with this polish.  I must be missing something, can anyone shed some light?

Old Man Cactus is a good solid silver foil.  It's not unique and there are a lot of silver foils around, but at least this one does have a fantastic formula. Also, like all Priti NYC polishes, they are 3 free (which most reputable polish lines are), but they also do not contain any petroleum ingredients or camphor, which Priti NYC says, this means they are completely safe for use on children and mums-to-be as well.  This is a good thing for me, as Miss 18 months put her hand out the other day as I was doing my nails and grunted at me, which I pretty sure meant "mummy paint my nails too so I can suck the colours off when I put my hands in my mouth"

Bill's Bronze Orchid takes third place and the bronze medal.Ok, I get the Bronze part, but what the hell it has to do with Bill's Orchid makes me really curious.  Again, can someone shed some light on this name?

Bill's Bronze Orchid is, just like the others in this collection, an amazingly shiny and metallic foil.  The colour is a light bronze, or maybe a rose gold, either way, it's a really flattering colour. Think Orly Rage.

Pewter Veil is the last polish in this collection, and for it's the biggest winner.  This is the most unique polish in the collection and I don't have anything like it in my stash.

Pewter Veil is a blue leaning gun metal grey, sparkly metallic foil. I remember trying to franken a polish like this about two years ago, where I added black polish to a silver foil.  It was nice, but nothing compared to this polish.

Aussie gals can pick up this collection online from the I am Natural Store, or you can check out the full list of Aussie and NZ stockists, where you will be able to see these beauties in real life.  That stockist page also has an interesting write up about Priti NYC if, like me, you didn't really know much about the brand.

Are you excited about the Olympics.  I am.  We have Foxtel sports channels, so I know there is going to be a lot of channel surfing going on jumping between our favorite events.  I'm glad we are not stuck on commercial TV and seeing the stupid medal tally and repeats of the same Aussie medal winning events. But,. I do think I'm going to have to get my Aussie on again and do some Aussie Olympic themed nail art.

These polishes were sent to me for review.


  1. Beautiful metallic look, but then I'm a sucker for anything that extends your jewelry to your finger tips.

  2. I surely don't need the silver one - far too many of 'em in my stash as it is - but know they needed a silver because they were cashing into the Olympic fever here. OK kiddo - here's my take on the name Bill's Orchid for the one I totally saw the shot and before I read you comment thought' Orly Rage - totally don't need this one, I have it - like it in Rage but have it)...So my take is being an orchid lover, there are some amazing colorations in exotic orchids. Some of the most prized shades to come up with give off in some part of the flowers this bronzy glowing color - not like this polish shade but you get the idea. I think they were looking for a unique name that was catchy. If you were into orchids you would 'get it.' If not into orchids probably would not get the name. Pewter Veil is really great and takes the cake for me in this group. It's what I had wished the new Essie Metallic Medals blue was like - instead the Essie blue is like a frost - and I bought it despite I thought it might go that way from looking at the bottle. This is now the 3rd company I have seen going for the gold Olympic tie in with 'metal' collections....Essie, Nails Inc and now this one.

    1. Thanks beachgal for your interpretation of Bill's Bronze Orchid. Now I'm off to search about orchids. Yep, those first three colours are totally dupy of quite a lot of colours, but Pewter Veil is quite unique, and it's not frosty at all.

  3. The finish on these looks amazing! Love that packaging too! :)


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