Monday, July 23, 2012

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Jade Mystic Gold

Last week I received the most AMAZING belated swap package from the wonderfully generous Rafa at Nails Ink. The package she sent me contained 29!!! stunning Brazilian polishes.  She sent the entire Jade holo collection, the entire HITS Mari Moon collection, there were Rivka Holos, Ellen Gold duochromes, 5cinco flakies and a few other goodies too. I am still completely blown away by the amount of polish that was included in the little box.  This is one happy little nail polish addict rolling around on her beg amongst bottles of polish!

Choosing one polish to wear first was a real trial, in the end I chose Jade Mystic Gold.  1. because it was a sunny winter's day and 2) because it is the most amazing rich gold holo I have ever seen and I have nothing like it in my collection.

After wearing it for a day, I added some stamping from the new Bundle Monster plates, that I just had to order after seeing everyone wearing the new designs.

I really need to practice my nail stamping.  It's ok, but I wish I had stamping skills like the nailXchange. Practice makes perfect, right!

Love the Jade holos. They are a completely different type of holo polish compared to the Layla's.  These are jelly like, transparent by opaque.  Can't wait to wear them all. Thanks again Rafa - I have something special planned to send you!


  1. That stamping makes me think I should get involved in that trend.... your nails look stunning

  2. I think it looks great! good combination

  3. The stamping really adds a cool look to the gold holo! Nice!

  4. I like this color,Shining Gold!I like all things which fashion and beauty

  5. Holy shit! Seriously the most amazing gold holo I've seen!!!

  6. 29 polishes! Can't wait to see them all. This stamp looks great. :)

  7. OMGGG, i'm so happy!!
    you love them??
    the best choice. i love this gold holo <3
    sorry for the delay, and thank you so much for all!!
    you are a amazing friend!!


  8. Thank you for the shout out *blushes* My stamping isn't that great, but it's nice to know someone out there notices. It really is all about practice and having fun with it and I'm sure you'll just get better and better.


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