Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Lynnderella - The Bunny Code

I wore this a few weeks ago, but still haven't got around to posting it.  This is Lynnderella - The Bunny Code, which I think is just the cutest name ever!

The predominant green colour comes from lots of little square green glitters.  Then there are squares and hexes in a number of other colours and sizes.  This is two coats of The Bunny Code over my same green franken  polish that I have worn under each of my green Lynnderella polishes (I did this to best show off the differences in each of the polishes, so that it wasn't the undies that made the difference).

I'm sure I read on one of Lynnderella's ebay listing for this polish that the combination of the different coloured glitters amongst the fine kelly green base was like Easter eggs in grass. When I think back to my Easter mani, and the Easter egg hunt we did, that is such a perfect description for this polish.  It conjures the exact right feeling.  But before I had read that concept, I actually imagined this as different coloured wild flowers in the grass, with little bunnies bouncing around eating the grass and flowers.

Thanks for leaving the drama at the door and enjoying these polishes for what they are.


  1. I actually won this polish in a give away lol. Its very cool looking, your swatch is amazing, and needless to say much better than mine :P

  2. Just like an Easter basket! Beautiful!

  3. I love this one - then again it seems anything that goes on your nails looks FANTASTIC!

  4. such a great idea to show all the green glitters over the same franken so it's easy to see the differences

  5. I think it looks for mermaid-ish actually. Love it.

  6. This is my #2 Lynn lemming and I JUST BOUGHT IT!!! I am so excited to get it. Gorgeous review.


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