Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Lynnderella - Be Mining for a heart of gold

Be Mining for a heart of gold is a limited edition Lynnderella polish that I was lemming so incredibly hard for.

I have a complete and absolute love affair with gold polish and when I see one in store I just can't help but buy it, even though a disproportionate number of polishes in my stash are gold, I know that the new one will be just that slightest different shade or finish.

Because of this, I will openly admit that this post will be completely bias.  I will love this polish no matter what. If its a PITA to apply, it doesn't matter.  If the glitters curl into tacos, I don't care. If the gold bleeds out into the base, that's fine with me. All because I LOVE SPARKLY GOLD POLISH. (sorry didn't mean to yell) 

Be Mining for a heart of gold contains lots of gold holographic glitter in I think about three or four sizes of hex.  There are also a few holo gold bars and gold hearts in this too, but I didn't manage to get any of them on my nails. There is also a stunning shimmery gold base.

For this mani I layered two coats of Be Mining over China Glaze GR8, the gold holo from the OMG collection.  You can't really see any of that holo showing because this polish is actually nearly opaque on it's own at two coats.  The shimmery gold base has really good coverage, but at the same time it doesn't cover up any of the glitter.

Now, can I please ask real nicely for something?  Please don't steal my photos and use them on your ebay listings to sell nail polish.  Yes, I'm talking to you seller of Boy Girl Party. You have not only stolen my photos, but several other bloggers photos too. You also have the cheek to crop off our watermarks to make the photos look like your own! Come on, it's not hard to take your own photos of a bottle.  People will know how to google for swatches, you don't need to steal ours.


  1. That looks really good, I love gold polish. Also, the cheek of some people?!

  2. love it ... the close up is to die for!

  3. Try Gold Dust Woman from Darling Diva Polish! I have it on today and it is a gold glitter dream! I'm not affiliated and bought it on my own. It's awesome!

  4. Ooooh, STUNNING! I love Lynderella polishes! I am totally in love with any metallics, but I finally realized golds look horrid on me...but I use them anyways, lol-just as-layering polish now! Amen on the pic-swiping...not OK!

  5. This looks wonderful on you, I like the sparkle of this polish :-)

    ack, hate seeing bloggers nails on ebay

  6. Looks gorgeous. Love how some of the larger hexes spear green in some shots.

    And yes the pic stealing is really poor form:(. There's an eBay store registered as being based in Queensland and they use bloggers pics continually it seems.

  7. This is such a perfect polish for you! :)

  8. Great combo-- and I say that because I just did this exact combo not too long ago, lol! I got lucky and won that Lynn in an Llarowe giveaway. I'm not usually too into chunky polishes, but gold ones? Yes please!

  9. I was browsing through some of your Lynnderella swatches and ran into this gorgeous one. If you love gold polishes, do you have Chanel Gold Fingers? It's lovelier in person than in the swatches and oh so much fun to wear.


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