Monday, September 24, 2012

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Ozotic 903

I'm typing pretty fast to pump these blog posts out aren't I?  Now don't you go thinking that I'm going to do eight blog posts each night ok!  

Lets get straight into polish number three.

Ozotic 903 Sugar.  In the bottle this is an iridescent pale blue glass fleck.  This polish is similar to 902 in that is shifts from blue to purple.  So what's the difference between them? Well I can't actually tell if they have the same colour shifting glass flecks, I think they might be but I don't know. But it's because the base colours are different that these two polishes are different. This polish is definitely much more blue overall, whereas 902 has on overall purple vibe. 

This is one coat over black. Again, a single coat needs to be applied carefully, but two more coats over black, or on it's own it is perfectly even.

Now shown at two coats over black.

Over white it takes on an icy blue look, slippery and shiny like arctic ice caves.

Three coats on it's own. 

Good formula, good drying time. 

Gosh, I'm only at post #3 and I'm already getting less chatty.  Looks like post #8 is going to be a grunt and some pictures.

The new Ozotic 900 series polishes cost $13AUD and are available from Picture Polish.  They are also available for $15.50 (or equivalent in their currencies) through all the Picture Polish Network members.

This polish was sent to me for review, see my disclosure policy for more information. 


  1. Go Cathy, go! I'm just sitting here refreshing your blog in anticipation :D

  2. Your doing great typing all these up in one night! Just thought I'd let you know you've said "This polish is similar to 903" instead of 902. :)

    1. Thanks Alanna - Here I was thinking no one read what I wrote ;)


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