Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Mirenesse Bullet Proof Nail Lacquer

Today I have three lacquers from high end Australian brand Mirenesse.  I have recently tried some of their makeup products that were in my monthly 'Lust have it' sample bag.  I've tried their Icon concealer and their Velvet Lip Lift lip glosses, and I've liked both of them. I was therefore quite excited to receive an email asking if I would like to try their recently launched line of nail polishes called 'Bullet Proof Nail Lacquer' which consists of 11 polishes.

Berry Boa is a deep maroon red creme.  The formula was just fantastic, this is one coat. I didn't put a top coat as I wanted to see how the finish was, especially as they say that they dry to a "high shine, mirror like glossy finish".  I'm pleased to report that they do indeed dry nice and glossy, and it also dried pretty fast as it was only one coat.

Charleston Me is a rich purple with micro silver glitter.  The glitter is so fine that it might actually be a shimmer, but either way it dries totally smooth and glossy.  This was pretty much a one coater too, but I couldn't help myself putting a second coat of this on.

Flapper Pash is a bright pink glossy creme, but the sunshine on my nails below makes this look a little brighter than it is in real life.  Again the formula on this was just fantastic, one coat and super pigmented  It dried to a gorgeous smooth and glossy without the need for topcoat..

Mirenesee polishes are three free and contain no camphor. They are also not tested on animals.  The bottles are lovely little flat square bottles, a similar shape to Picture Polish bottles and I had no issues with the brushes.  I just wish the bottles held a little more than the 8ml they do hold.

These are absolutely beautiful lacquers, but they are certainly in the luxury price range competing with the likes of Chanel - which retails here in Australia for $39 a bottle.

Mirenesse bullet proof lacquers are available from and  have a RRP of $29.95.

These polishes were sent to me for review, see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. All three look like such vibrant colours - lovely. Wish I had the money for that brand!

  2. Gorgeous!!! can u tell me what hand cream u use and and cuticle treatment? Tam ;)

  3. I love that shimmery purple! That is a must-have! Great review!

  4. Oh that red! I'm in love with it. I think I've developed a special love for red polishes..

    1. Lady after my own heart...I have loved reds forever...the times I have purged my polish stash way, way down, it's the reds that always get to stay. They keep working on for yrs being in style. Not sure why so many women think they cannot wear reds. This one here is really pretty!

  5. Such beautiful colours! Lucky gal!

  6. These are lovely. I used to use a # of Mirenesse products - loved their foundation and mascara at one time. They sold a lot of their line on a USA shopping channel (HSN) and were sold in a few on line stores as well. Then they seemed to vaporize from the US market. I never saw any polish from this company until your post here - would love if they would market in the US again. I need to do an on line search and see if maybe they are here somewhere.

  7. Oh my goodness, these are simply awesome! I love that pink creme and who doesn't love a one coater???

  8. I received Berry Boa in the VIP pack, and it is fantastic. Wore better than OPI for me, 4 days on my ridiculously thin nails when most polishes last two if I'm lucky. Was very surprised at how good this polish is. And so easy to apply. Pricing is a bit ambitious in my opinion, which is why I didn't buy them when they were first release, but Mirenesse constantly (to the point of it being irritating) have flash sales and sometimes even package the polishes up with a lip product and sell the pack for about $15. I do so wish Mirenesse would change their marketing strategy and stop with the daily email specials and just lower the everyday RRP of their products to a more reasonable price. It would give them a load more credibility IMO.


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