Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Picture Polish - Mirage

Yesterday I said that I did end up layering something over Picture Polish Wisteria, well here it is.  I layered one coat of Picture Polish Mirage.

Mirage is the other polish from the collaboration collection (together with Kryptonite) that was created by a nail blogger, Sara Hassan in Pakistan.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't completely blown away with this polish when I first saw it in other swatch photos.  I thought the duo chrome finish, whilst a pretty colour, looked rather frosty and a little patchy.  However, now that I have tried this polish and particularly because I layered it over wisteria, I think it is absolutely gorgeous.

The lilac base of wisteria really brings out the purple duochrome colour shift in mirage.  Indoors and in the shade this looks spectacularly stunning, although in the sun you can definitely see the brush strokes and it is still a bit frosty.

I also layered mirage over back and I actually found that a black base was a little less forgiving.  I had to be careful not to wipe to many times or I would get bald area at the back of the nail near the cuticle. You can see the slight duochrome layered over black, but nothing like it layered over wisteria.

I'm planning on taking part in a Halloween themed nail art challenge, so it looks like you will get to see my shortly nubbins before I planned on it, cause the first post is scheduled for October 1.  

Have a great weekend everyone - and for those of us having a long weekend this week enjoy that extra special day.  Did you know that (according to Wikipedia) the ACT and Tasmania have the most public holidays per year with 12! Then NSW, Vic, SA and NT with 11, then Qld and WA with 10!


  1. Oooh this reminds me a bit of OPI's 'Yokohama Twilight'. I think mirage has a bit more blue in it though. So pretty :)

  2. Your swatches are the only ones of Mirage that actually have me tempted. Well done! All the other ones look completely boring.


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