Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Smitten Polish - Pure Imagination

Here is Smitten Polish Pure Imagination that I wore earlier this week.  Pure Imagination is a aqua leaning blue that is along the same lines at the purple polish from this collection, You're Turning Violet, Violet.  This polish has blue and silver fine holo glitter in a tinted blue base.  There is plenty of glitter in the bottle, but not so much that the polish is dry and hard to apply.  In fact the polish was super easy to apply and I didn't need to do any clean up.

I did three coats for full opacity on all fingers, except my ring finger, which I did two.  I did two cause I knew I was going to add some feature holographic hexes to that nail. I loved the holo hex feature nail, it looked very scale like and the most mermaidy I've ever felt.  The below photos are in overcast natural light.

In an attempt to capture the awesome holoness of both Pure Imagination and of the blue holo hexes, I took some photos under the bathroom light.

The placement of my hexes is a little wobbly, especially in a macro shot. But it was my first attempt at this sort of design and I will only get better with practice.

Smitten Polishes are available from her Etsy Store, and updates on Noelie's Nails blog.

This polish was sent for review.


  1. Wow that blue is gorgeous and you holo hex accent nail is so pretty. Love it <3

  2. Wow, what an awesome colour! This looks amazing on you. I wouldn't worry much about the hexes, I'm sure you couldn't see the placement in real life, macro is so unforgiving.

  3. What a gorgeous polish! And I love your accent nail!

  4. bardzo fajnie wyglądałaś! piękna sukienka

    If U Seek Amy

  5. Amazing polish!

  6. That's a gorgeous manicure! I love what you come up with...I also think that accent nail is practically perfect!

  7. I adore this WONDERFUL BLUE & I think your hex's are FAB too (not wobbly at all) so don't give it another thought :o)

    But I do wish I knew how to get my hands on some of the FANTABULOUS COLOURS-EFFECTS of the many polish/lacquer for nails that you use ... sigh :(

    How do we ordinary folk on a budget get their hands on any of this wonderful eye candy?

    **I've already G+ this & of course I will pin it too - this look is hot/cool however you like to think of it & keep them coming so I can have my daily drools :o)

  8. Oh this is so gorgeous! Love the blue and the glitters :)

  9. Love love love your Ulta3 Colour Guide! For years their old Jellybean was my signature colour, then they changed it and destroyed my life!!!!

    Thankfully Rimmel has released Azure, almost the perfect match - i still have my final bottle of the old Jellybean to colourmatch too, my fridge is fully of failed sparkly blue experiments


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