Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Picture Polish - Demeter and Pshiiit

I have two more Picture Polishes from their recent collaboration collection. for you today.

Demeter - for all the down to earth goddesses!  A red tone chocolate brown polish with scattered large particle holographic particles.  Very rich and totally unique.  Great job from Harlow & Co for choosing to do such an edgy colour.

This was two coats, but looking at my swatches I wish I did three cause there are a few thin looking patches. I'm sure those thin areas weren't there in real life. I really love this and will be using as part of my nail art for tomorrow's nails.

Picture Polish Pshiiit

Friend: Oh I like what your wearing today, what's that called?
Me: Shit
Friend: Oh? What?
Me: Sorry, maybe I didn't pronounce it right. It's 'P-shit'.
Friend: Pee Shit?
Me: No, Pee Shiiiiiit. Oh don't worry.  I think it's french - but look at the little flakies.

Yeah, it's still weird for me to say a this polish is shit, but I think it's great that the girls from the Pshiiit Boutique, stuck with pshiiit for their polish name.

When you look at pshiiit in the bottle it looks really green because of all the green shimmer and green flakies, but because it has a blue jelly base it turns into a fantastic teal colour, which in the shade is quite duochrome. I love the green to blue flakies in this, in fact I wish there were more flakies cause they are just so gorgeous.  There's an idea, I need to try layering a green/blue flakie polish over this.

Off to do my mani for tomorrow. Nighty night!


  1. You really did a great job capturing what this looks like in real life! It's so beautiful :)

  2. That Demeter is gorgeous! Your little Pshiiit dialogue had me giggling!

  3. I just ordered Demeter and this makes me so excited to get it! I love Pshiiit too!

  4. I'm not the hugest fan of Demeter, but Pshiiit? I NEED IT! Haha :) Great swatches

  5. Nice swatches! I only own one Picture Polish and I'm happy to say it is Demeter... which as of right now is still untried.

  6. I am not a fan of either of take on the blogger name Pshiiiit was to call attention of course and to get it past all the global sensors on ? verbiage. Great photos as usual!

  7. I think Pshiiit would love to know that the non-French speakers believe the nail polish is called Pee shit ! Haha! Love your swatches, I have already seen those two but I've never seen Pshiiit like this, makes me really want to buy it, love this color and jelly look it has !


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