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Ozotic 908

Yay - I did it. Eight blog posts in one night. 109 swatch photos uploaded to those eight posts from - wait for it - 463 photos I took of my nails wearing the new Ozotic Sugar and Beam polishes.  No wonder my brain feels fried.

To finish things off, here is Ozotic 908 Beam. 

This last shade in the collection has blend of pink and yellow micro glass flecks. The pink flecks shift to purple and gold and the yellow flecks shift green.  Therefore you will see combinations of pink and yellow and purple and green. 

This is one carefully applied coat of 908 over black. You know the deal now, if you want just one coat, don't use too much polish on the brush and don't wipe over your nail in the same spot too many times, otherwise it may pull some of the flakes off and leave it with streaks.  If you are planning on more than one coat, then there is no need for careful application, just slap it on, thin or thick and it will smooth out perfectly after two coats.

Here is two coats over black.  At two coats the overall feel is actually an antique platinum, so it's not silver and it's not gold.  I actually really love this one as two coats over black, it was a really flattering colour for me, kind of like a neutral coloured foil.

On its own it has a warm silvery feel, again probably a platinum colour cause it's not gold and it's not silver.  This is three coats on it's own.

This last photo taken under artificial light almost makes it look holographic, because each of the flakies is reflecting its own colour - just like a holo polish does.

Now that I have finished writing up about each of these shades, I think I have worked out the colour combinations of the glass flecks. Bear in mind this is just my interpretation of the shades and what I see on my nails, not an actual official description.

I think there are three colours of the beautiful micro glass flecks, and all of them are duochrome:
  • Blue which shifts to purple
  • Pink which shifts to orange/gold
  • Yellow which shifts to green
901 - has the pink flecks in a pink base
902 - has the blue flecks in a purple base
903 - has the blue flecks in a blue base
904 - has the yellow flecks in a yellow base
905 - has all three colours in a clear base
906 - has the pink and blue flecks in a clear base
907 - has the blue and yellow flecks in a clear base
908 - has the yellow and pink flecks in a clear base

Hopefully that list will help you decided which colours you like.  My personal favourites are the ones based on the yellow flecks, but then again I really love the blue to purple combos too, and the multicoloured one is pretty amazing.

The new Ozotic 900 series polishes cost $13AUD and are available from Picture Polish.  They are also available for $15.50 (or equivalent in their currencies) through all the Picture Polish Network members.

So there you go.  That's the new Ozotic 900 Sugar and Beam polishes.  Which ones are your favourites?

This polish was sent to me for review, see my disclosure policy for more information.


  1. Was hoping to see something a little bit more different out of Ozotic...maybe next time.

    Your swatches tho Cathy are FABulous, and extremely detailed. Great job!

  2. Wow - what an awesome amount of swatches. I must be easily pleased but I really love the look of every single one and surprisingly I love the polishes on their own because they are so fresh and delicious looking. I'd love to see them layered over other color combinations too - great versatility.
    Congratulations on the marathon effort!!

  3. 8 posts in one day! Is that a Guinness record? Thanks for your effort!

    I'm not sure I'm into the glass-fleck thing, even though your photos are amazing. Did they leave residue on the skin when you removed it? I much prefer Ozotic's multichromes and holos... I am rather disappointed that they replaced them with these.

  4. What an amazing series! And since you did multiple swatches of each, that's 20 swatches if I counted correct, WOW.

  5. ...AND you're a wife and mum too?!? Color me MEGA-impressed!
    P.S. Your swatches ROCK--now I wanted ALL of the Ozotic 900's!!!

  6. You are an over-achiever!! Great swatches, that super closeup is so cool!

  7. Stellar effort with all the beautiful swatches!

  8. What an amazing row of posts! Well done - and thanks a lot!! :)

  9. Great job getting 8 posts done in one night. I'll definitely revisit this post when trying to decide which ones I want. Thanks for the description of each. :)


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